Zürcherisches Wochenblatt

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Title: Zürcherisches Wochenblatt
Canton: Zurich
Available online: 1 January 1801 - 29 December 1842 (4,332 issues, 20,645 pages)
Bibliografic information (Helveticat): http://permalink.snl.ch/bib/sz991018043123803976
Rights: public domain
Segmentation level: article level
Description: The Zürcherische Wochenblatt was first published in 1730 by the Buchdruckerei Berichthaus founded by Johann Jakob Lindinner (1683-1740)  under the title Donnstags-Nachrichten and from 1781 at the same place with the title Donnstags -Blatt. From 1801, the newspaper was published twice a week and was renamed the Zürcherisches Wochenblatt. In 1814, the Buchdruckerei Berichthaus became the property of the Ulrich family and in 1837, the daily Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich was published by the same publisher. It published the list of foreigners provided by the city police, and bit by bit it was supplemented by further official communications until from 1843 the Tagblatt took over all tasks of the weekly paper which was thus discontinued.