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Title: La Terre valaisanne
Canton: Valais
Available online: 3 March 1945 - 5 December 2006 (1,420 issues, 14,168 pages)
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Rights: private use
Segmentation level: automatic / unchecked
Description: Published monthly from January 1944, La Terre valaisanne was the successor to Notre Terre, the journal of the Société des anciens élèves des écoles valaisannes d’agriculture et de l’École ménagère rurale [Society of the Alumni of Valais Schools of Agriculture and the Rural Home Economics School]. In March 1945, it adopted a bi-weekly publication rate and became the official organ of several Valais agricultural federations. Published weekly from January 1947 to December 1948, it became a fortnightly in January 1949. From February 1951, it defined itself as the economic and technical information newspaper of the Union valaisanne pour la vente de fruits et legumes [Valais union for the sale of fruits and vegetables], then from 1989 onwards that of the Chambre valaisanne d’agriculture [Valais Chamber of agriculture]. It was published as an insert of the Nouvelliste from 2006 to 2010, then replaced from April 2010 by the quarterly supplement Terroirs. Throughout its changes of identity and format, the periodical sought to defend the interests of farmers, covering agricultural market news and providing advice and recommendations for the maintenance and development of crops.