Tagblatt der Stadt Thun

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Title: Tagblatt der Stadt Thun
Canton: Bern
Available online: 1 January 1908 - 31 December 1920 (2,541 issues, 11,036 pages)
Rights: private use
Segmentation level: article level
Description: The Tagblatt der Stadt Thun was published from 1908 to 1920 as a successor to the Täglicher Anzeiger für Thun und das Berner Oberland with a liberal-democratic orientation. The change of the title puts Thun in the foreground. From 1914, the Oberländer Tagblatt (OTB) was published in parallel by the same publisher. From 1921 only the OTB was published. The volumes 1909, 1913, 1914, 1915 and 1919 are identical with the Oberländer Tagblatt and are listed and searchable with this title.