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Title: SMUV-Zeitung / Schweizerischer Metall- und Uhrenarbeitnehmer-Verband
Canton: Bern
Available online: 18 January 1902 - 21 December 2001 (4,799 issues, 45,662 pages)
Bibliografic information (Helveticat):
Rights: private use
Segmentation level: article level
Description: Association journal of socialist or social democratic colouring. Official organ of the Schweizerische Metallarbeiter-Verband [Swiss Metalworkers' Federation] (since 03.07.1915: Offizielles Organ des Schweiz. Metall- und Uhrenarbeiterverbandes [Official organ of the Swiss Metalworkers' and Watchmakers' Association]). Printed in folio format, initially monthly, then twice weekly from 1903-1904, then weekly from 30.07.1904. The title contains various supplements, including: Aus Technik und Leben (later: Die technische Seite), Unterhaltung und Wissen, Die Arbeit (later: Stimme der Arbeit), Helfer für Garten und Feld. The editors and contributors were well-known trade unionists such as Oskar Schneeberger, Karl Dürr, Konrad Ilg, Peter Bratschi, Fritz Marbach and Ernst Reinhard. Continued by Work.