Neue Zuger Zeitung

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Title: Neue Zuger Zeitung
Canton: Zug
Available online: 3 January 1846 - 30 December 1891 (3,601 issues, 14,862 pages)
Bibliografic information (Helveticat):
Rights: public domain
Segmentation level: article level
Description: The Neue Zuger Zeitung (II) was published weekly from 03 March 1846 to 31 December1891, and twice a week from 1869 onwards. It was produced in Zug by the printing works of Alois Keiser (1820-1849), and Johann Baptist Elsener (1825-1910) published the newspaper from 1855 to 1891 after having taken over the printing works. The newspaper was politically conservative. This online version contains the publications from 1846 to 1891.