Neues Tagblatt aus der östlichen Schweiz

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Title: Neues Tagblatt aus der östlichen Schweiz
Canton: St. Gallen
Available online: 1 July 1856 - 30 December 1873 (4,356 issues, 17,786 pages)
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Rights: public domain
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Description: The Catholic-Conservative paper Neuen Tagblatts aus der östlichen Schweiz [New daily paper from Eastern Switzerland] was published from 1.7.1856 to 30.6.1874 with an interruption from 5.7 through to 3.10.1871. The four-page newspaper appeared six times a week and from 1874 was titled Neues Tag- und Anzeigeblatt aus der östlichen Schweiz.[New daily and official announcements paper from Eastern Switzerland]. Until the end of 1857 and from the middle of 1870 advertisements were also published. The Neue Tagblatt aus der östlichen Schweiz was the successor to the Wahrheitsfreunds and the precursor to the Ostschweiz. This online version contains the years 1856 to 1873.