Der Liberale Alpenbote

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Title: Der Liberale Alpenbote
Canton: Graubünden
Available online: 29 December 1847 - 30 June 1860 (2,257 issues, 9,126 pages)
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Rights: public domain
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Description: After a sample issue on December 29th, 1847, the Liberale Alpenbote was published from January 1st, 1848 to June 30th, 1860 twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday), from New Year 1852 three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) and finally, from 1857 six times a week. The Liberale Alpenbote was founded by Johann Carl von Tscharner together with friends. As editor, Tscharner actively took part in discussions on important issues around the legislative structure of the new canton and gave constructive suggestions for its implementation. Tscharner also catered for cultural interests by including in each number a very good feature with non-political stories, instructive stories or literary news. The Liberale Alpenbote was soon counted among the most important political institutions and became a newspaper of national importance. Following Planta’s resignation in 1856, the "liberale Alpenbote" quickly went downhill, and despite several transformations and editorial changes it finally ceased publication with the last issue appearing on June 30th, 1860. It was followed by the Bündnerische Wochenzeitung published by L. Hitz with PC von Planta as editor.