Le Journal du Haut-Lac

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Title: Le Journal du Haut-Lac
Canton: Valais
Available online: 2 April 1968 - 31 December 1987 (2,198 issues, 21,706 pages)
Bibliografic information (Helveticat): http://permalink.snl.ch/bib/sz001410654
Rights: private use
Segmentation level: automatic / unchecked
Description: Successor to the Feuille d'avis du district de Monthey, this bi-weekly appeared from April 2, 1968. In addition to Monthey and its surroundings, it extended its area of interest to the regions of Saint-Maurice, Massongex and VĂ©rossaz. Like its predecessor, it practiced primarily local and regional journalism, with the main objective of informing readers about the social, political and cultural life of their communities. From January 6, 1993, it merged with the Journal de Bex, the Messager des Alpes and the Echo de la Montagne, to become the Journal du Chablais.