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Title: Graubündner General-Anzeiger
Canton: Graubünden
Available online: 6 May 1905 - 27 June 1930 (1,301 issues, 7,198 pages)
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Rights: private use
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Description: The Graubündner General-Anzeiger was first published in 1905 and ceased publication with the number 26 on 27 June 1930. It was published by Bischofberger and Hotzenköcherle in Chur, where the paper was also printed. It appeared once a week and contained an overview of Swiss news. In addition to local news, news about other Swiss cantons and abroad, there was a larger section with news from Graubünden. The paper described itself as politically impartial. Chur households received the newspaper free of charge, for others it cost 10 Rappen per month. Later there was a uniform price for all subscribers. From 1917, it also contained a supplement Illustrierte Unterhaltungsblätter [Illustrated Entertainment Sheets].