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Title: La Gazette
Canton: Valais
Available online: 3 October 1968 - 14 December 2018 (1,958 issues, 28,676 pages)
Bibliografic information (Helveticat):
Rights: private use
Segmentation level: automatic / unchecked — partially article level (1968-1971, 1995, 2001)
Description: From its first issue, which appeared on October 3, 1968, La Gazette de Martigny (weekly) clearly announceds its local ambitions. It opened its columns to all comments and ideas, without political distinction, with the main claim to leave behind major international problems once a week to focus on the life of the Martigny region. In November 1995, the Gazette became the Journal de Martigny after merging with the Confédéré’s local news pages. It continued to be published weekly and reaffirmed its mission to cover the news of the Martigny region. The Journal de Martigny ceased its cooperation with the Confédéré, and became La Gazette in September 2001, an apolitical publication open to all opinions, issued fortnightly as of January 12, 2006.