Gazette du Simplon

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Title: Gazette du Simplon
Canton: Valais
Available online: 25 June 1842 - 24 November 1847 (390 issues, 1,615 pages)
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Rights: public domain
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Description: With the motto "God and Fatherland", the ultraconservative Gazette du Simplon’s first issue was published on June 25, 1842. From the outset it marked its opposition to the government and the liberal party as well as its attachment "to the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman religion". Often controversial and virulent, it is forced to stop its activities when on April 12, 1843, after the publication of a parody of the assembly of the Jeune Suisse in Saint-Maurice, its printing press was ransacked by a hundred people. On August 31, 1844, La Voix du Rhône succeeded it, but ceased publication after only one issue. The Gazette du Simplon was reborn on November 6, 1844. It now supported the fights of the conservative and clerical government against the attacks of the radical press. It was last published on November 13, 1847, and disappeared definitively during the Sonderbund War after the publication, from November 16 to 24, of four Bulletin de la Gazette du Simplon.