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Title: Freiburger Nachrichten
Canton: Fribourg
Available online: 17 December 1864 - 30 December 2006 (33,721 issues, 364,588 pages)
Bibliografic information (Helveticat):
Rights: private use
Segmentation level: automatic / unchecked
Description: The newspaper was founded in 1863. It was first published in 1864, initially on a twice-weekly basis, under the title Freiburger-Zeitung und Anzeiger für die westliche Schweiz and then from 1904, under a new title Freiburger Nachrichten und Anzeiger für die westliche Schweiz. The Freiburger Nachrichten is the only German-language daily newspaper in the canton of Fribourg. From 1973 it opened up both on a political and religious level. Today, the publication deals mainly with local and regional news. The supra-regional pages are adapted from the Berner Zeitung.