Feuille d'avis du district de Monthey




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Title: Feuille d'avis du district de Monthey
Canton: Valais
Available online: 12 January 1901 - 29 March 1968 (4,938 issues, 22,662 pages)
Bibliografic information (Helveticat): http://permalink.snl.ch/bib/sz001410653
Rights: private use
Segmentation level: automatic / unchecked
Description: This biweekly appeared on Tuesdays and Saturdays from December 15, 1920, then Tuesdays and Fridays from June 10, 1921. Primarily covering local and regional topics, it claimed to be politically and economically neutral. A large part of its pages were devoted to commercial announcements, official publications and reports of the authorities’ decisions.