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Title: Eidgenössische Zeitung
Canton: Zurich
Available online: 25 September 1838 - 30 June 1864 (7,845 issues, 31,732 pages)
Bibliografic information (Helveticat): http://permalink.snl.ch/bib/sz001914110
Rights: public domain
Segmentation level: article level
Description: A predecessor of the Eidgenössische Zeitung, the Beobachter aus der östlichen Schweiz was published by Christian Beyel (1808-1858) in Frauenfeld from 1838. After taking over the company "Wirz-Widmersche Buchhandlung und Verlag " in Zurich, Beyel published the title from November 1838 in parallel also in Zurich, until from March 1843 it was printed there by Johann Jakob Ulrich (1769-1840) in the Berichthaus. The Beobachter ceased publication at the end of 1844 and in the last issue it was announced that from 1 January 1845, the Eidgenössische Zeitung would be published by Friedrich Schulthess (1804-1869) in Zurich as a continuation with the same liberal-conservative orientation, but now with a pan-Swiss perspective.