Der Volksfreund

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Title: Der Volksfreund
Canton: Graubünden
Available online: 28 December 1878 - 16 December 1885 (876 issues, 3,518 pages)
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Rights: public domain
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Description: The Volksfreund was issued from January 8th, 1879 to December 16th, 1885. In the sample number of December 28th, 1878, it was announced that the Volksfreund would appear twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday) with the slogan "for the people rights - against all evil" and would report on the everyday social and economic conditions of the people. The Volksfreund positioned itself as a support, friend, advisor and spokesman of the people, the little people, and wanted to report independently on world events. In 1882, the Volksfreund was issued with the motto "everything for and by the people", stressing that the true democracy in which all people form a social body, could only come about through the participation of the entire people in the legislative process. From January 1st, 1882 the Volksfreund was published daily. The Volksfreund was politically to the left and reported in a distinctive and incisive manner on local and Graubünden matters, with shorter reports on other cantons and abroad. Amusing items were also included. In the issue appearing December 16th, 1885 (no. 100) it was announced that from the following day the Volksfreund would appear under the title Bündner Nachrichten as a progressive-democratic mouthpiece with Manatschal as editor.The online version of the Volksfreund for 1882 is incomplete as there are issues missing from the print collection.