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Title: Der Schweizer Arbeitnehmer : offizielles Organ des Landesverbandes freier Schweizer Arbeitnehmer
Canton: St. Gallen
Available online: 5 October 1912 - 12 December 1996 (2,483 issues, 10,628 pages)
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Rights: private use
Segmentation level: article level
Description: Organ of the politically and religiously neutral workers' organizations of Switzerland, since 1921 the official organ of the Landesverband Freier Schweizer Arbeiter bzw. Arbeitnehmer [National Association of Free Swiss Workers or Employees] (LFSA). Its predecessor was published in Zurich under the title Die soziale Reform, Organ für Volkswohlfahrt und Korrespondenzblatt für unabhängige Arbeiter- und Angestelltenorganisationen (19.06.1915-23.04.1919). The newspaper was printed in Flawil (Buchdruckerei Flawil AG), contained four pages and appeared first weekly, then twice a month from 1930. The LFSA was created in 1919 to demarcate itself from the Schweizerischer Gewerkschaftsbund [Swiss Federation of Trade Unions], was active throughout Switzerland and was anchored in particular in Swiss industry, trade, commerce and public enterprises. The LFSA was not very influential and was best represented in larger cities, such as. in Geneva and Lausanne (with 10 or 11 professional sections) as well as in Basel and Zurich (each with 7 professional sections). It was continued until September 1999 by Works, then by Syna, das Magazin.