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Title: Der Bund : Unabhängige und liberale Tageszeitung
Canton: Bern
Available online: 1 October 1850 - 31 December 1994 (69,173 issues, 832,786 pages)
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Rights: private use
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Description: Der Bund has been one of the most important daily newspapers in the city of Bern since 1850; it was founded by the publisher Franz Louis Jent (1810-1867), who focused his reporting on national issues. The title was intended to support the federal state founded in 1848 from the capital city's point of view against conservative forces. The newspaper had a free-minded liberal orientation, and since 1958 it has described itself as an "independent liberal daily newspaper". From 1925, it included new topics in its reporting with the sports section and a women's page. The merger of other newspapers in the Canton of Berne to form the Berner Zeitung BZ in 1979 and the economic crisis around 1990 led to economic difficulties for Der Bund. The publishing family sold the majority of shares to media groups in 1992, bringing the era of the Bund as a family business to an end. The newspaper appeared seven days a week from 1850-1965, and since then six days a week. From 1890-1967 there was a morning and an evening edition. 1920-2009 Der kleine Bund was enclosed with the newspaper on weekends as a cultural section. In 1951, the Bund modernized the typeface and changed from the Fraktur font to a more legible Latin font (Antiqua). In addition, the appearance changed from the 1950s onwards with the use of larger titles, more photographs and caricatures.