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Title: Bieler Tagblatt
Canton: Bern
Available online: 7 June 1904 - 30 December 1995 (27,644 issues, 489,595 pages)
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Rights: private use
Segmentation level: article level
Description: In 1850, the printer Franz Josef Gassmann (1812-1894) founded the newspaper Seeländer Bote. In June 1904, the paper merged with the Tagblatt für die Stadt Biel and the Seeländer Nachrichten to form the Bieler Tagblatt, which first appeared on 7 June 1904. This successor newspaper carried the subtitle Seeländer Bote until 1998. From 1904 to 1919, there was a land edition with the title Seeländer Bote - Bieler Tagblatt. The Bieler Tagblatt was politically liberal-oriented, independent since the end of the 20th century and owned by the family firm W. Gassmann AG until 2020. The Gassmann family also owned the Journal du Jura. In this way, it cultivated a journalistic bilingualism in Biel for 170 years and promoted the links between German and Latin Switzerland. In 2020, the Valais entrepreneur Fredy Bayard bought the Gassmann publishing house after having already taken over the publishing group around the Walliser Bote in 2018. In 1954, the Bieler Tagblatt modernised its typeface and switched from Fraktur script to a more legible Latin script (Antiqua). Since 1966, the Bieler Tagblatt has been the only German-language daily newspaper in the city of Biel.