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Title: Bündner Landbote
Canton: Graubünden
Available online: 28 December 1845 - 25 December 1847 (110 issues, 430 pages)
Bibliografic information (Helveticat): http://permalink.snl.ch/bib/sz001912408
Rights: public domain
Segmentation level: automatic / unchecked
Description: Following a prospectus on December 18th, 1845, the Bündner Landbote was published from December 28th, 1845 (no. 1) until December 25th, 1847 (no. 52) once a week on Saturday, with right from the beginning a "precursor" of two quarto pages. Patriotic matters were a focal point, though there were also reports from abroad. In the final issue of December 25th, 1847 the publisher Hitz announced that he would not continue the Bündner Landbote, but would issue a new twice weekly publication with a different title and format. Shortly afterwards, the Liberale Alpenbote appeared from the same publishing house, but with no further connection to the Bündner Landbote"