Der Wahrheitsfreund

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Title: Der Wahrheitsfreund
Canton: St. Gallen
Available online: 2 January 1835 - 3 September 1858 (1,283 issues, 6,257 pages)
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Rights: public domain
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Description: This four page newspaper from the St. Gallen Catholic Conservatives was published from 2.1.1835 until 24.12.1863 under the title Der St. Gallische Wahrheitsfreund, shortened to Der Wahrheitsfreund ("The Friend of Truth") from 1844 onwards. From 1835 it appeared once a week (on Fridays), from 12.10 until 30.12.1847 twice weekly (Tuesdays and Fridays) and then once more as a weekly until 24.12.1863. Founded before the St. Galler Tagblatt (1839), it was the main Catholic-Conservative newspaper of the time in St. Gallen canton and the precursor of the Neuen Tagblatts aus der östlichen Schweiz [New daily paper from Eastern Switzerland] (1856) as well as its successor the Ostschweiz [Eastern Switzerland].